The Sign of An Open Eye

A realized man is a learned man. He understands others. He feels them and knows them. A self realized man is wise. He feels himself and knows himself. With this knowledge of self he better knows others too as there are no others than the self. All others are an extension of the self. If this is taken into consideration then we can truly work towards common causes. Humans naturally resonate with one another. At one point a person can come up with a brand new, never before seen idea, and yet, on the other side of the globe another person, who had no communication with the first individual, comes upon the same idea. This is interconnection, the hive-mind, the law of one.

Those who are self-realized see this, and others by the hand, spiritually and metaphorically. Guiding those to the light that need it most. Some have been in darkness for so long that it is all that they know. They no longer see the flame within themselves, for they have been an ember for longer than they can remember. It's not that these individuals are weak, they are just not self realized. They are not enacting Divine Law, for they are not enacting their will. Most of these individuals are so beaten and broken spiritually that they cannot even fathom themselves. It's these people that need light-bearers most.

The self realized are the light bearers, the truth-holders, the seekers, and the true witnesses of consciousness.

All it takes to see is for one to open their eye.

"There is a god in man And in nature

He who sits in the dark The bringer of light

This beauty The sign of an open eye

Call him to black flame Call him (the bringer of light) Call him to black flame Call him, call him, call him"

Kristian "Gaahl" Eivind Espeda - Gorgoroth "The Sign of An Open Eye"




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