The Path of the Thorn

The only way to gain is to see ones self through pain, to fight through the dark and reach the light on the other side. Too many people want, without any grasp of measure of reciprocity. They want and want, and destroy not only others, but themselves in the process. Destruction must be constructive to achieve your goals. Destruction must be the destruction of ones self; the ego, the victim, the one who lays down, the one who gives up. These aspects exist as our true adversary. The true adversary lies within and we are not truly alive until we have faced this enemy. It is no simple task to defeat ones self, it will take a conscious effort and the breaking/instilling of one's true will.

Your goals must always remain somewhat out of reach to keep one always pushing, always striving, always reaching further and further. Nothing is impossible in this realm and there are no boundaries besides the ones we limit ourselves to. We each have the potential for limitless but to achieve this state, one must first face the path of the thorn.

The path of the thorn is the dark, left-hand path, the path that shows difficulty and upcoming challenges, the path that you must take to prove yourself. This is not a light path and will be filled with struggle and strife, but this is the path that will show you who you truly are and what you are truly made of.

See through the void.

Rely on the inner self to achieve success. Defeat the adversary, declare your life as your own and never stop seeking victory.






Izrael Cemani Ausar/Clauneck


Shrine Cult

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