Tend The Flame - Not Worship The Ashes

"Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame."

- Gustav Mahler

What is done, is done and what is in the past shall remain in the past. The future is determined only by our actions and by our perception ,but one cannot lose sight of the present by focusing on the future. Old ways are meant to be shed and new ways are to be brought upon. The past stands for us to reflect on, it is a reference point, a place of lessons, but not a place for ones mind to live in. Only by passing the torch to the future generations can we continue the illumination of the minds/wills of all. So many people are not self realized in any sense. So many people live this way up until the day that they day, wasting the opportunity that they had had with this human experience.

One's flame, one's divine fire, one's will, is truly all that one has when it comes down to it. It us up to the initiate to enact his/her divine will to find self realization. This is a path that little tread but this is the path to truth, love and light. Accept one's place in this universe and make the most of this experience.

Thy divine flame, thy fire, thy holy will is law. No one or woman impede on the true will of another. By divine law, we are meant to guide each other, help each other, illuminate each other, and continue to pass on the torch of illumination and not worship the ashes that remain.




-Izrael Cemani Ausar


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