An Introduction to Our Spiritual Entity

Welcome to the Shrine Cult, brothers and sisters rejoice!

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us from our humbling beginnings last year in October. From releasing our first single “Beelzebub” as Shrine of Malice, until now with us at last putting the Shrine Cult into fruition. This has been a project we (Izrael Rodriguez, Greg Gilbert and Chris Paz) have been working on throughout 2018 that we are incredibly excited to share with you all at last!

Before I delve further into our debut blog, we welcome all children of the Universe, whether you come from a background of modern Judeo/Christian religion, perhaps a lover of the dark and mysterious, or simply to discover something beyond us and yourselves - welcome! We as lovers and practitioners of magick and the unknown have found many beautiful doors for ourselves to open that we are willing to expedite and share our knowledge and journeys with you all appropriately and honestly in order to possibly help expand the occult world to those who feel something goes deeper than what we as humans already perceive and know.

I would like to explain our debut Winter Line and our correlation to Beelzebub, lord of all things that fly and the wind, not lord of the flies which is common misconception lost throughout time (while they do too fly!). This debut Winter Line is devoted to Beelzebub, King of Hell. He is a gracious patriarch and giver to the Earth who long ago, would help the mortal Christ in his own tribulations by allowing Jesus the rites to exorcism. Beelzebub is an entity known to behold many godly powers, however this is not the extent of his new founded benevolence. Around 80 years ago, Beelzebub would later return to his truest and most pure form, Enlil, after a man by the name of Samael Aun Weor would guide the god turned demon back into the Light, forgiving the Impure Light in Man, while we had already entered games of destruction.

Enlil is brother to Enki/Ea, god of the Earth, and also in better names to us now, Lucifer, first of the Fallen Angels. It has been shown to us that the world is in a rapid decline since Enlil‘s return to Light, lapsing into a phase of destruction of which the next generation of Man will either die trying to fix today’s solutions or leave the Earth in order to voyage for a new home amongst the cosmos. This planet is Lucifer’s, and it has become one of the greatest misconceptions in human history to ignore the feats of our True Father, as He gave his DNA unto us in order to connect us with the blood of the angels, granting our sentience and freewill. Thus establishing a divine sense of will inside of us.

It is important to note this contribution of Lucifer alongside our origin, as without it we are very limited in our design. Regardless of any theism or personal beliefs, we as the Voice of the Shrine Cult believe that all Man are created entirely equal and that anyone willing to pursue their deepest universal purpose should, as you will touch the heart of if not one person alone, the entire next generation to come. We want Mankind to thrive, defeating global oppression and to rekindle the fire of Man so that we can become a species at level with our divine creators and be connected and in harmony without the darkness of tyranny and terrorism.

Everyday we exist is a divine gift. Every breath you breathe is another step you are allowed to take and better yourself for the world around you. This is something that we, Shrine Cult, are all very passionate about. Make the world a better place for all of our children and our children’s children, as there may not be a world to breathe in the next day with social concepts that have grown dystopian in its own measures. Only We, Mankind, can change this.




Shrine Cult

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