Seek The Grey

Anger; The fire that burns higher and higher the more it's fed. This fire can grow to the point where it becomes self damaging. Each of us manages our fire differently and some are completely unaware of how their fire feels to others or to themselves. The way to break from the pattern of being consumed by fire takes conscious thoughts, actions and an establishment of mental and spiritual control. Although this fire can burn its caster, it can also light your way, give you warmth, burn your enemies. This fire can be utilized as a weapon, to drive one's divine will. Like the fire that pushes a steam engine forward and forward.

Conscious anger is far different from the unconscious. Many go through their day to day life, constantly angered by little things that occur and this anger is essentially a reaction to the circumstances that the individual is going through. Focused anger is different. This fire has been tended and formed, molded over time, burning brighter and brighter, higher and higher. This anger is passionate, it is as love. Hate is to love as love is to hate, there is no difference, no separation, just two ends of the same spectrum.

Black is to white, as white is to black.

There is no separation, only different ends of the same spectrum - two wings of the same bird.

Seek balance, seek the grey.


Shrine Cult

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