Patience - Building Pyramids

Patience is a virtue. It is a characteristic and trait that has been mastered by very few among the human species. With the direction that our culture is headed, we are more and more focused on getting instant results which counteracts the concept of developing one's patience. This instant gratification that we seek is poison and is a distortion of this reality. All things come to those that wait. Patience takes focus, focus takes the energy of the mind. Exerting energy this way creates a pure channel for manifestation. Manifestation is the act of using your focused Divine Will to bring the thoughts of your mind into the physical world that makes up our reality. Rome was not built in a day nor was it planned in a day. Building monuments takes time, to build something that lasts it takes a solid foundation and structure. The pyramids stand to this day because they were built this way, built to last, built to withstand.


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