A mother is not a god given role based upon the birth of a child. A mother is caring, loves unconditionally, doesn't judge but guides, doesn't ridicule but promotes growth. From our mothers we first learn love, nurturing. If given the proper way this nurturing can form a strong, love filled individual who has no limitations, if this guidance is lacking, the child will move about with no direction, meaning or purpose. The mother guides and the child follows, that is the child follows until he realizes that his mother is as lost as he, for the illusion that the mother figure is all knowing is a false truth. It is at this point that the separation from the mother and son begin to take place. Both going their own way, both hoping for the best, but one knows the truth. They say that the chicken came before the egg, but then why is it that a child can still surpass their parents? Isn't that essentially the point of having children? Not only to provide knowledge and guidance but creating a being greater than one's self.

The mother brings the child into this world, they are the first light bearer that the child has. This bond can be nurtured and molded to the strongest bond, or it can break and both will be lost, left to find their way away from each other. Lost.

Love is unconditional in truth.

Judgement molds us into a different character than who we were when we came into this reality. It changes us into a hollow form of ourselves, scared to be who we truly are and are meant to be. Scared to explore our destined path due to fear. Fear is weakness. There is no room for fear.

There is nothing to fear.

Once one walks their first steps down the path, there is no going back, they are forever changed.

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Nothing to hold one back, aside from themselves.

Anima Vestra







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