Ignite The Black Flame

Within each of us is a divine spark, a soul; what makes us a star. Every man and every woman is a star. Each star is entirely different in it's own way and bring's it's own light to the cosmos, defined only by itself. If you consider the correspondence of As Above, So Below, you may see that we are as the the cosmos. There are factors at play throughout our terrestrial realm that do differ from the cosmos. Only on the earth is there. Amongst humanity, individuality and divine purpose/true will are hidden truths. The way that society has been put into place keeps humans in a box, mentally, physically and spiritually. You are to be born, be "educated", gain employment, consummate, and die. There's no greater purpose within that than continuing the blind rat race that our species generally has become. This is not the true purpose of our being. We are each divine with a divine purpose, passion, love and light. This terrestrial experience is a mere lesson to bring back together that which has been so lost. We are all lost, looking to find our home. What many fail to realize is that this home is within ourselves and within all others.

There is a flame within us all, and if we do not pursue the fire, then we've all but lost ourselves. Your will and how you apply it makes all of the difference. One must realize that they have the power to make anything possible, and with that any thing we imagine is possible. Manifestation is a matter of focused energy, thought, and action. What we focus on comes to be. what we act on comes to be. The outer world is but a reflection of inner world. Tend your flame, define your will, and claim your life as your own.

Sigil of Malice


Shrine Cult

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